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Wine storage is not something that should be taken lightly, especially if you have a dozen bottles or more of excellent wines. Of course, you can purchase wine racks in many different styles or you can enter the challenging world of building wine racks.

Before you dismiss this do-it-yourself idea immediately, keep in mind that you don't have to be a master craftsman to put together a suitable wine rack. In a short time you can have a new addition to your home to present and store your wines.

One of the costs involved in a new wine rack is, of course, the labor required to put it together. If you are up to a minor challenge you can save a few dollars by purchasing a wood, wrought iron or stainless steel wine rack kit, then assemble it in the comfort of your home.

If you have some woodworking skills you can even purchase plans that will guide you through cutting, shaping and assembling the wood materials.

As you start the planning process for storing wine in your home, give some thought to where the wine rack will be. Wine should be stored in a relatively cool place, out of the direct sunlight.

A basement room might be best. But you have to consider a couple of other factors when you choose to place your wine storage unit in the basement.

Open wine storage?

Do you want visitors and family members to see your wine collection?

If so, you may want to provide a space for it on the main floor of the home.

However, if your basement is remodelled and used as another comfortable living area it could be the perfect location for your wine. Of course, a large kitchen is also a grand location for a wine collection.

Sky is the limit: think outside of the box!

When thinking about ways to create your wine rack or even your whole wine storage - try to come up with some creative ideas. It's really not so hard and you'll often be amazed at what you can do with some creativity, time and some money.

Luxury wine storage at home.

This is a very creative possibility of wine storage. It should just illustrate that there are no limits - just your imagination and in some way your budget. Tip: think a bit out of the box!

What type of material do you want to use?

Give some thought to the type of material you will use. Plans are available that allow you to choose the type of wood you need to match your home décor.

The material can range from simple pine that you stain to your needs, or you can choose a dark wood that will need to be sealed before use. You may also decide to buy a pre-made wood or metal kit that requires assembly. If so, make sure that the photos and sample brochures provide an accurate view of the finished item.

If you buy a pre made wine rack kit you probably won't have to be concerned about the space provided for each bottle. But if you decide that building wine racks will be a nice hobby, you should learn as much as you can about the requirements for proper storage.

Be sure to leave enough space around each bottle so that you can access it easily. You certainly don't want to be challenged every time you reach into the new rack for that special bottle of wine. Four to six inches should be sufficient above and at the sides of the bottle.

Tip: Look at some assembled wine racks for ideas in this area.

Customized wine tasting room at home.

What about a wine tasting room? Again, this is just to demonstrate that the sky is the limit!

A common, 750-ml wine bottle will be about 12 inches tall and three inches wide. Thus, you should allow a minimum of 15 inches of depth in addition to the four to six inches width already mentioned. If you are building a more complex storage unit that will have a front door or glass, make sure to allow more depth.

Be careful and patient as you decide where to place the new wine rack. Make sure you don't obstruct electrical outlets you may need. You definitely don't want to place your wine rack in front of (or even near) a window that gets a lot of sunlight! Wine needs to be at rest and out of the light until you drink it.

One of the most neglected things when building wine racks...

As a final general note on building wine racks, plan ahead for your growing wine collection. Don't build a wine rack too small to accommodate future additions.

If you decide to build a wine rack from a pre-cut kit, plan to spend no less than $50 for a starter rack that will hold a few bottles. An oak wine rack that will accommodate 40 bottles can be found for around $120.

More elaborate kits, such as those that fit in a corner, are available for $250 to $300.

Many of these designs can be reproduced for less if you buy the raw materials and follow plans for building wine racks. You can purchase simple plans or go to one of the many sites that offer free wine rack plans.

Good luck!

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