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What a wonderful task it is to be able to discover the best wine regions to visit in Italy. Several European countries are well-known for the quality wines and for the great variety of wines produced from the grapes. Along with Germany and France, Italy is a “wine” country, with some of the finest growing regions in the world!

But what regions are the best? In addition, what elements are included in the great wine regions that put them at the top of many lists? Maybe the best thing to do is look more closely at several of the great Italian wine areas and try to uncover what they offer that makes them so popular.

Italy illustration with two wine bottles.

One name that almost always comes to mind - when thinking about the best wine regions to visit in Italy - is Tuscany. The very name has a certain atmosphere, a particular feel that invites visitors to relax and enjoy.

But is Tuscany one of the best regions in Italy for wine?

Most people who have been to this enchanting location would answer, without hesitation, “yes!” Tuscany certainly has some of the most scenic views of any wine-growing region in Italy. For many years, a Tuscan variety of wine, Chianti, was amazingly popular. This alone helped put the region at the top of many “favorite” lists.

Beautiful Slide-show of Tuscany

Another region that closely resembles Tuscany in its geography is Umbria. This region has produced some remarkable wines, both red and white. Not only that, but Umbria ranks as an equal with Tuscany for its picturesque settings. Just viewing the vineyards is enough for many travelers.

Add Campania to a list of desired wine-region destinations. This area is a bit hotter than some other more temperate regions in Italy, but if a person’s wine tastes run to something a bit more potent, even a bit rougher, this region may be a good bet.

Almost everyone who travels to Italy for wine and wine-related activities includes Lombardy on the itinerary. The fertile soil of this region produces fine grapes and some wonderful wines. The area is home to one of the nations’ largest wineries.

For a change of atmosphere, some people like Valtellina. Presented as a great “winter” spot for wine lovers, this region offers both great red wines and a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, all in an atmosphere that feels particularly “Swiss.”

Lombardy vineyard

Beautiful Lombardy vineyard

It would be a mistake to leave Piedmont off of any list of best wine regions to visit in Italy. This northern region is in the Alpine foothills, which offers wonderful scenery to go with nice wines such as Barbaresco and Asti. The grapes seem to thrive in this hilly, rugged area.

Some of the other great wine regions in Italy, which produces amazing amounts of great wine each year, are: Apulia, Emilia-Romagna, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Trentino-Alto Adige. Those who know about Italian wines also urge people to experience the great white wines from Lazio, some of which have been the stuff of legend. Frascati should be on everyone’s “have to try” list when visiting Italy.

These are just a few of nearly two dozen wine regions in Italy. Visitors won’t go wrong by visiting any of these great wine-producing areas.

Enjoy it!

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