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Maintaining the correct temperature and amount of light is the key to success for wine lovers and collectors of the world’s great wines. Some fortunate individuals have access to natural wine cellars or storage areas that meet this need.

But as wine grew in popularity around the world in the last couple of decades, hundreds of aficionados have invested in coolers and refrigerators specifically for storage of their favorite varieties.

Fortunately, several companies have focused on producing quality wine coolers. In addition, a few keen observers of the wine world have tested and reviewed these appliances in a quest for the best.

Whether the goal is a chilled wine that is best enjoyed when cold or a rare wine that should be held at a specific temperature, the best wine coolers on the market make collecting and enjoying wines much easier.

Avanti wine cooler

What to Look For When Purchasing a Wine Cooler?

What are some of the key features of the best wine coolers? According to most reviews and customer responses to manufacturers these features include:

  • Separate temperature control in two or more sections of the cooler. The benefit – a choice of wines for each occasions, kept at the correct temperature. Some of the top brands have separate rows with temperature control for as few as 4 to 6 bottles.

  • Variety of sizes and styles – from small, free-standing models that hold a dozen or two dozen wines, to larger, built-in appliances that become an integral part of the kitchen or other area of the home.

  • Security – locking doors and comfortable lighting lead to peace of mind for the wine collector.

  • Anti-vibration – smooth, quiet operation is a major requirement for wine lovers. This technology keeps the appliance quiet and reduces separation of sediment. Wines should be stored in a “quiet” setting.

Which companies lead the way in the wine cooler market, with models that meet these and many other needs?

Sub Zero wine coolers certainly tops the list of many reviewers. The company has been making refrigeration equipment for the home for nearly 70 years, with an attention to detail matched by few other businesses.

Avanti is also one of the preferred brands in quality wine storage products. This company focuses on a long-lasting product that can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Haier produces top-quality wine refrigerators with attractive designs. As is the case with several other top-shelf companies, Haier has models that range from counter-top size to large appliances designed for inclusion in a new or remodeled kitchen or other storage area.

Some wine collectors have opted for the GE brand, though the smaller units seem to work best with standard-size bottles and don’t accommodate larger bottles.

What other features should we look for in a good wine cooler?

  • Aluminum interior parts, rather than plastic

  • Glass doors – more expensive but convenient

  • Shape and size of shelving

Here’s a summary list of some top cooling units, with a few repeats:

What should we expect to pay for a product from one of these quality companies? Free-standing, countertop units are generally around $500 to $2000, depending on manufacturer and size.

More Wine Refrigerator Details

Here are a few sample units and prices, just to give us an idea of what is available. Keep in mind that most suppliers keep these numbers rather close to the vest, so to speak. Online suppliers sometimes ask the potential customer to add an item to the shopping cart before the price is revealed.

  • Sub Zero wine coolers like the model 424 – up to 46 bottles – from $2,500 (This brand tends to be quite a bit more expensive than others.)

  • Haier HVCE 15DBH – 26-bottle cooler - $450 includes tax and shipping

  • Avanti WC400SS – 40-bottle, digital display - $393 plus tax and shipping

  • Vinotemp wine cooler VT-WC58-GNV-SB 58-bottle - $400 plus tax and shipping

When first starting the shopping process, make some notes and include a few of these tips on what to look for:

  • What size do you really need?

  • What price will your budget allow?

  • Do you need separate temperature zones?

  • How much space do you have in your “wine” area?

My final tip when searching for the best wine coolers:

Consider spending a bit more because many collectors and wine lovers have found their initial unit was too small or didn’t have some of the features they truly wanted. Cheers!

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