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If you are thinking about choosing a wine club, how do you go about selecting the best wine clubs? It is not as hard as you might think. First of all, you should learn what wine clubs actually are, then go about choosing one for your purposes.

In the most basic sense of the idea, wine clubs are run by independent wine merchants that use their expertise and connections in the industry to bring members specialty, rare, and popular wines.

Who is the best

Wine Clubs offer Variety

Today, there are thousands of winemakers out there in the world, many of which most people have never even heard about. These winemakers, off the beaten path of the wine world, are just waiting to be discovered. And some of them are the world’s best kept secret, which means all the more great wine for you! Joining a wine club will allow you the opportunity to experience this great variety by opening up your eyes (and palate) to the world’s lesser known winemakers.

Wine Clubs offer Education

When you become a member to some of the very best wine clubs you are joining a community that really knows wine. This is ideal for someone who is a novice to the world of wine and is excited about learning more. It is also ideal for the self-proclaimed wine expert that wants a little variety and insider knowledge into the winemaking process. Wine clubs always provide tons of information on the wines they feature, the winemakers, and the regions.

Wine Clubs offer Insight

While you will definitely learn a great deal about wine when you become a member of a wine club, you will also gain insight and knowledge. All club memberships offer an easy way to obtain expert knowledge and insight from wine experts from all over the world. A wine expert is a person that makes his or her living smelling, tasting, and sipping wines from all over the world. Often, wine experts visit undiscovered wineries and vineyards to bring you a new varietal of wine.

Many Wine Clubs

There are many, many wine clubs to choose from these days. What started out as a very small community has exploded onto the scene with fervor in recent years. Some wine clubs are quite reasonably priced and offer great quality while others cost an arm and a leg.

Depending on your budget and your interest, you may opt for something on the low-cost end or on the higher end. Many wine clubs will not only offer monthly, quarterly, or seasonal shipments of wine, but will offer discounts on wines, wine accessories, and even wine events for members.

Benefits of the Best Wine Clubs

There are many premium benefits to belonging to a wine club. So when you are choosing a wine club, think about the perks before signing up. You will get great tasting and high quality wines at reduced prices in most wine clubs. However, there is so much more offered if you look carefully.

Joining a wine club will allow you an education on wine, and plenty of experience. By becoming a member, you will be able to start your own home wine collection, learn how to select the best wines for the season, learn how to pair food and wine, and learn how to properly taste and experience a glass of wine.

Risks and negative things about Wine Clubs...

As you should know, I won't hide anything on this site. I write about the good things (yes, there many great benefits of wine clubs), but I also tell you about the negative things. Like anything else in our world - there's no perfect product.

Are wine clubs for everyone?

Nope, of course! In some cases you'll be better doing when making a connection with your local wine retailer. In some cases a good relationship to your retailer could also be cheaper. I recently heared from a visitor who got the exact wine from his retailer at half price...

But that's not the norm and also remember that the good wine clubs have their own wine experts, they choose the wine for you, they write tasting notes about the wines along with food pairing recommendations and so much more!

I just wanted to point this out.

My target visitors are indeed the people who are interested in wine clubs (if they have not already a membership) and who want to benefit from them (continuous delivery of excellent wine to your door for example).

Before Signing Up

Before you sign up for any wine club, make sure that you know and understand what the club actually offers. It is wise to double check on any sign-up fees or extra shipping charges that may not be part of the membership charges. The best wine clubs often have websites clearly outlining their details including fees, perks, and any other information you might need.

Hope that helps you finding the best wine clubs!

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