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Some of the greatest wines in the world are actually the best California wines you can imagine. In order to know and understand why California has some of the best wines in the world, you should first understand a little bit about California’s wine facts.

California Wine Facts Uncovered

California is one of the largest wine producing states within the United States. In fact, if it were its own country, it would probably be the 4th largest wine producing nation in the world, which is quite impressive.

Here are some quick facts about California’s wine production:

  • The state of California produces about 90% of all the wines from the U.S.

  • California produces over 3 billion bottles of wine each year.

  • In the beginning of this decade, wine sales were estimated at about $15 billion each year.

  • There are more than 1,300 wineries operating throughout the state.

  • There are more than 57,000 acres of vineyards throughout the state.

Every year, tourists and wine lovers alike flock to the state of California. Some of the best California wines come from the many different and diverse wine regions in the state. However, some of the best wines produced in the state come from the five main regions which include the North Coast, the Central Coast, the Sierra Foothills, the South Coast, and the Central Valley.

Within these five main regions, you have different wine countries from which some really fabulous wines originate.

The North Coast

Napa and Sonoma may very well be the two most famous areas within the North Coast wine region of California. This region is particularly noted for its great Cabernet Sauvignon. The region is close enough to the coast that it gets a bit of the maritime climate but bordered by the steep mountain ranges on which the grapes are grown. Because of this climate, Pinot Noir is also a very highly produced grape in this region.

The Central Coast

Between San Francisco and Santa Barbara you will find the Central Coast region. This region has a wide variety of climates and conditions, but all areas are within a close proximity to the ocean. Each vineyard experiences its own unique climate, even within miles of each other. Because of the ocean’s cooling effect, both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay do well in the Central Coast region.

The Sierra Foothills

The Sierra Foothills have a high elevation, which affects the ways the grapes are grown and harvested. This region is noted for its big Zinfandels and Rieslings. The soil in this region, particularly in El Dorado and Amador, is great for growing Zinfandel grapes because of the drainage. The decomposed granite and volcanic rock are perfect for draining the soil in which the grapes are planted.

The South Coast

In the South Coast the most famous wine area is probably Temecula, which is also the largest area under cultivation at this time. The South Coast region is still gaining notoriety and attention. It is located between northern Los Angeles and the state’s southern border.

The Central Valley

The largest wine region within the state of California is the Central Valley. It spans from Sacramento to the San Joaquin Valley. Though it is the most expansive winemaking region in the state, it actually mass produces grapes that are used for mass-produced, lower quality wines.

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