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If you want to make great berry sangria, it’s best to start by knowing how to make great Sangria of any kind. Sangria is very easy to put together from ingredients available at nearly any local store. It’s a wonderful idea for an adult party because it contains your favorite wine. A non alcoholic Sangria can be served as well, for those who don’t want alcohol or for those who haven’t reached the legal age.

Last and certainly not least, Sangria ingredients can be purchased at a very reasonable price. With these things in mind, it’s time to move on to the enjoyable task of putting together a good Sangria.

If you want to know how to make berry Sangria - here are the essential items for any type of Sangria:

  • You’ll need wine. Simply decide if you want a red-wine variety or a white-wine variety.

  • Club soda, sparkling water or a juice for the bulk of the drink. Club soda isn’t absolutely necessary for all Sangria; it has become a common ingredient in traditional recipes.

  • Depending on the fruit and other ingredients you may need sugar.

  • Ice. Sangria is the perfect drink for the warm months of the year.

  • Fruit. This is where the “berry” in this type of Sangria comes in. (Many of the traditional Sangria recipes include peaches, lemons, limes, oranges etc.

Glasses of delicious berry Sangria.

Two glasses of delicious Sangria

Experiment with Sangria recipes...

As mentioned in most basic recipes, guidelines for concocting your favorite Sangria are not set in stone, so to speak. It’s OK to experiment. So we can try a variety of berries in this drink as well.

One of the best berry Sangria recipes we’ve found uses fresh strawberries in addition to the standard ingredients. Guests have found this to be a fantastic flavor for the cool, summertime beverage.

You’ll need to find fresh strawberries then cut them half. One cup should be just right for this recipe.

But there’s more! You will also use a similar amount of raspberries and two cups of raspberry/cranberry juice. Add one bottle of a rose’ wine or Zinfandel. One cup of sugar will make this a delightfully sweet drink. (This could be adjusted to taste.)

Most berry Sangria recipes recommend chilling the ingredients for one day ahead of serving time. Overnight chilling should be sufficient. When you have all the necessary liquids, wine and fresh berries, you simply combine the wine, juice and half the sugar in a serving bowl.

Make a puree’ in your blender or food processor with the strawberries, half of the raspberries and the remainder of the sugar. Mix this with the wine preparation. *It’s best to chill this overnight if you haven’t done this with the original ingredients.

It's time to serve the Sangria...

When you are ready to serve your delicious Sangria, slice the rest of the strawberries and any other sliced fruit just before serving.

Remember that many Sangria recipes have been developed over the years as people satisfy their individual tastes.

Another simple berry Sangria recipe uses two strawberries and two blackberries, and five each of raspberries and blueberries with a glass of your favorite Chardonnay.

Some folks find that they enjoy their Sangria better when it is slightly fortified with a “dash” of brandy or another fine-flavored liqueur.

Again, this can be an experiment that may lead to a fantastic, new drink. Choose just the right liqueur to complement the berry ingredients and you could have the perfect beverage!

When you are planning for and enjoying your berry Sangria, remember that one of the best things about using whole and sliced fruits is that you can let the fruit soak in the wine/liqueur overnight. This adds to the enjoyment when it comes time to enjoy the chilled beverage.

For those of you who are interested in authenticity – In Spain Sangria is a party drink or drink for house guests. It is also enjoyed in quantity at festivals throughout the year. Sangria isn’t a traditional bar drink.

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