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Many wine lovers would agree with this company’s claim to be a leader in the appliance industry. Those who review refrigeration equipment and wine-industry products have also given Avanti positive feedback.

With more than three decades of experience in the appliance field, the company continues to offer quality refrigerators, freezers, ovens, ranges and more.

Avanti has managed to combine quality with long-lasting value by paying close attention to detail during the manufacturing process. In addition, the company has provided appliances and other kitchen products that meet the demands of the public.

At the top of the Avanti wine cooler list are full-size and apartment-size refrigerators, upright and chest-style freezers, and of course, wine coolers that hold a handful of wine bottles or 100 bottles of your favorite wines, depending on your needs. These products are available at thousands of retail sites as well as online.

The company’s Web site provides plenty of information about contacting a servicing dealer or contacting the company directly. For example, choosing “Support” and “How to Locate Us” brings the site visitor to a map of the United States. Simply choose a state and the contact information for a dealer will be available.

In the same “Support” menu visitors will find a list of more than two dozen Internet dealers that have been authorized by Avanti. There are live links to these dealers. Most of the servicing dealers that have physical sales/service locations also have Web contact information.

Tip: “Avanti reserves the right to withhold warranty services on products purchased from Non-Authorized Internet Dealers.”

Here’s what the company displays on its Internet Dealer page:

Buyers Beware!

Purchasing Avanti Products from Non Authorized Avanti Internet Dealers could void your warranty and limit your ability to get service from Avanti on products purchased from these accounts. Avanti reserves the right to refuse service to customers who purchase their Avanti Products from Non Authorized Internet Dealers.

To be safe you are encouraged to buy only from Dealers listed on the WEB Site as Authorized Avanti Internet Dealers.

Avanti Wine Coolers – The Details

Avanti’s wine coolers are available in a wide, wide range of sizes, with a variety of prices that should attract all wine lovers.

  • For example the compact versions such as EWC120B can be purchased for about $300 or less.

  • The WC400SS holds 40 bottles of wine, has seven shelves and carries a price in the $400 to $500 range.

  • Large wine coolers from Avanti, such as the WC681BG, accept up to 166 bottles of fine wine. Prices range from $1200 to $1350.

Avanti 166 bottles wine cooler

A few specific models, with consumer and media comments etc.

The company Web site has a long list of products, including Beer and Wine Coolers.

Currently there are

  • 11 dual-zone models available and

  • 14 single-zone models.

For example, the Model WCR5404DZD is a built-in or free-standing, dual-zone wine cooler that holds 46 Bottles.

The upper zone has room for 32 Bottles while the lower zone will hold 14 Bottles. It is available in black and stainless steel.

Avanti 46 bottles wine cooler

The WC34TM is designed to hold 34 bottles of your favorite wines. This single-zone cooler comes in black and has a “mirror-finish” door.

The Avanti 30-bottle chiller with electronic display is available for about $600. Nearly all of the reviews on this model are positive, with Wine and Food giving it a recommendation. “Good value” this magazine states. Other reviews are just as positive, including such comments as “nice compact design” and “very nice unit for the price.”

30 bottles Avanti wine cooler

For those seeking a small “starter” wine cooler, the Avanti six-bottle version seems to be more than satisfactory to the wine lovers who have provided feedback. One person even wrote that he is ready to buy five more. Wine Lover’s reviewer give this model four of five stars and stated that he/she would recommend this product. Prices vary depending on the dealer.

6 bottle Avanti wine refrigerator

Avanti offers quality and excellent design in their wine-cooling appliances, with prices that will fit any budget.

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