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In 2006, the news service Business Wire and other media outlets announced the first Australian Wine Club to offer memberships to United States residents.

While it is difficult to find specific information about the individual or group that came up with this specific club, there are a number of opportunities for wine lovers who seek the best wine varieties from Australia.

The Wine Society may be a good place to start. A quick search on their “Find Wine” page using “Australia” in the country box turns up at least 10 wines from the “land down under.”

This list includes whites and reds, full-bodied and dry varieties. Prices are quoted with the “£” symbol so those in the United States and other countries will have to do some conversion. A limited number of Australian wines are available at and from Wine of the Month Clubs.

Website of the wine society - including Australian wine clubs.

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Wine lovers in the United States might find access to good Australian wines through the American Australian Association Wine Club. This group has been in existence for more than 60 years and recently formed its own wine club that offers “fun tastings, informative seminars and extra-special super saver wine.”

Membership in this club offers three bottles of wine each month, with selections from Australia and New Zealand delivered to individual homes and businesses.

As is the case with many wine clubs, the association’s structure has

  • Silver ($49.95)

  • Gold ($79.95)

  • and Platinum ($129.95) levels.

There will be shipping costs in addition to these basic membership fees. Membership at all three levels includes tasting notes and plenty of background information on each wine and its area of origin.

The American Australian Association was founded in 1948 and has existed as a non-profit organization continuously since that time. Programs offered in addition to the recent wine club include other cultural programs and social programs: golf outings, formal dances, film events and so on.

Corporate events are part of the continuing effort to connect business interests in Australia and the United States. The American Australian Association has its headquarters in New York City, but also established offices and liaisons in New England and California. These locations add to the interest in great wines from around the world. Main Australian offices are in Sydney.

A wine-tasting event sponsored by the association was held to mark the establishment of the group’s wine club. Wines from all three membership levels were available, along with a special-recipe Australian lamb from a chef by the name of Chris Thompson. Select cheeses and breads were offered to complement the wine.

The event was held in the Morrell Tasting Room on Seventh Avenue in New York City. Wine club members were admitted free of charge. Association members paid a nominal fee of $15. Those who were not members of either the association or the wine club paid a fee of $30.

Information from the Association and wine club Web pages indicated that people who joined the wine club at this tasting event were given a 10-percent discount on their first month’s three-bottle selection. More information about the recent event and about Australian wines in general may be found at

Peter Morrell is the wine club advisor for the American Australian Association. He has served as a judge at the Royal Melbourne Wine Fair and, according to the association Web site, has “many honors accrued in over 45 years in the international wine trade.”

The Morrell Wine Company, located in New York City’s Rockefeller Plaza, offers fine wines from around the world. In keeping with the company’s connection to the association, Morrell offers a number of great wines from Australia, easily found through the Web site’s search. Included in the list are:

  • Mitolo Jester Shiraz 2007 McLaren Vale - $22.50

  • Mollydocker The Boxer 2008 McLaren Vale - $27.95

  • Rolf Binder Heinrich GSM 2006 Barossa Valley - $30.95

  • De Bortoli 10 year old Liqueur de Muscat - $24.95

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