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Ever heard of apple wine? Many people have not, so you are not alone if you answered “no” to that question! Apple wine is extremely popular in the United States, especially in parts of the Northeastern and Midwestern regions of the country.

In fact, if you find a good apple wine recipe you can even try to make this variety of wine on your own! It is more like a hard apple cider than it is a traditional wine, but the process resulting in the beverage is quite similar to the way grape wine is made.

Is Apple Wine Regional?

Apple wine is wildly popular in regions that have a big apple growing industry, which makes sense. However, apple wine doesn’t have to be made just in those regions. Apple wine can be made just about anywhere you can get your hands on a good amount of tasty apples.

It is also sold worldwide, so there is no real difficulty in finding apple wine regardless of where you may live. A variety of apple wines can be made with just about any apples, so if a particular type of apple is available to you, try and change up the recipe a little!

Choosing Apples for the Wine

It is true that you can use just about any apple for the winemaking process, but there are some tricks to it and plenty of misconceptions. The most commonly made mistake when making apple wine is that first-time apple winemakers think that sweet apples are required to make a sweet wine.

Just as with traditional grape-based wines, apple wines have flavors that are a result of all the ingredients added during the process, not just the apples themselves.

Sour Apples are Best

Sour apples are the best when making true apple wine. Using such apples allows you to get the truest apple flavor into your wine. Great apples for winemaking include McIntosh, Winesap, and crab apples.

While you can make apple wine with sweeter apples, you may find that the best results come from these sour beauties. In most cases, you should try to avoid Red Delicious and Golden Delicious apples, however.

Other Ingredients besides Apples

As with any winemaking process, you will need yeasts, acids, and enzymes in addition to the apples you have chosen. Two other essential ingredients for any apple wine recipe include water, obviously, and sugar.

Without the water, you will have no wine! In many cases, you could use up to six pounds of sugar for each gallon of water that you use in your recipe. It just depends on your preferences and the version of the recipe you are using.

Other interesting additions to the fermentation process include raisins, lemon, cloves, cinnamon, ginger root, and other herbs to bring out the apple flavors. Depending on the ingredients used, you will get an exciting texture, aroma, and taste to your apple wine.

Making Your Own Wine

Making your own apple wine at home can be quite fun and rewarding. You may not know the first thing about making grape-based wine, but you can easily whip up a batch of apple wine at home! Just remember, there is a plethora of apple wine recipe options out there, so don’t be afraid to do a little research and experiment.

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