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The American Cellars Wine Club is an ideal choice for people that already have a basic wine knowledge and background.

While being a wine expert is not necessary, this club is geared more toward those individuals that have already established their personal wine preferences.


Established in 1993, the American Cellar Wine Club has been helping members learn more about their favorite wines and delivering selections right to their doors. However, any wine novice will also benefit from becoming a member of the club.

There is a wide variety of features and benefits to the American Cellars Club. Obviously, the club allows members to try some of the best wines available, and so much more. If you love trying new varieties and experimenting with your wine preferences, this is the club for you!

Once you have received a particular wine, you do have the option to reorder it anytime, which is not the case with all wine clubs. Furthermore, if you decide on a new favorite, members will enjoy discounts on additional purchases. Members also get great deals on wine accessories!

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American Cellars website

Great additional information...

With a membership to the American Cellars Wine Club, a monthly newsletter known as the Grapevine Newsletter is sent out which features a plethora of information on wines featured for that month, special deals, and wine events across the country. Members of the American Cellars Wine Club will also be invited to exclusive special wine events in their area, participate in wine ratings, and will always receive tasting notes.

The Grapevine Newsletter is a particularly useful feature of a membership to the American Cellars Wine Club. Within its pages, members will not only learn more about the wines selected for that particular month, but how to pair those wines with food. The newsletter outlines the best way to pair food and wine for both formal and casual dinner parties. Additionally, tasting tips and tricks will also be outlined, which serve as a great basis for any wine tasting party with the featured wines that you may want to host.

More benefits of a membership

The American Cellar Wine Club allows for a variety of special events and offers for members to take advantage of. Not only are members invited to special tastings and events, but they have the opportunity to participate in wine contests. These bonuses come courtesy of many of the winemakers featured each month, which allows for a unique and entertaining opportunity for members.

Experienced wine enthusiast?
...Why not become a wine judge?

For the more seasoned member, the American Cellar Wine Club allows the opportunity to become a wine judge. This is an added bonus, as the club will send wine to volunteers at no extra cost. The catch is that they must taste the wine and provide their honest feedback to the club. The volunteer opinions are weighed heavily, as they help determine which wines will win the American Cellars Gold Medal.

Like most wine clubs, Cellars Wine Club allows for different options when it comes to membership. Members may decide to have two bottles delivered each month, or four. Additionally, members may specify to receive only white or red wine, or a combination of both. Depending on what preferences you have selected your membership fees will vary.

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