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There are really two ways to pursue information for Amazing Wine Club: membership plans from AmazingWine.com; a wine-of-the-month club from AmazingClubs.com.

Information provided about amazing wine opportunities indicated that memberships were available on three-month, six-month and 12-month plans, though the company also offered seasonal-wine memberships as well.

The list of countries in which Amazing Wine’s offerings originated: U.S./California; Argentina, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Chile, Italy and South Africa.

The panel studied background information and tastes the current crop from many smaller, lesser-known wineries and vineyards then carefully selected wines for members. Wine of the Season Club members received a quarterly mailing that presented special choices from around the world.

This information is presented here in past tense because a recent search shows that the domain name amazingwine.com is currently for sale. The Web page has a link for winery tours but there is no obvious “club” information displayed on the home page.

Monthly Wine Experience

The second opportunity for an amazing wine club experience can be found at AmazingClubs.com’s “Wine of the Month Club.”

(Keep in mind that “Wine of the Month” and "Wine of the Month Club” are registered trademarks of a Palos Verdes, California company!

The information for the wine club at AmazingClubs.com matches the information for information presented at www.amazingwine.com.

Information from Amazing Clubs shows that more than half a million people currently enjoy selections as wine club members. Wines are generally “premium, hard-to-find wines from boutique wineries around the world.”

Each month, members receive two bottles of top-shelf wine:

  • one red

  • one white

  • all red

  • all white.

Benefits of an amazing wine club membership includes the monthly Wine Lovers newsletter.

As with many wine clubs, members cannot specify which wines should be sent. The club organizers present this as “experiencing our latest selections for the first time.” However, most reliable wine clubs have a 100-percent-satisfaction guarantee which allows members to cancel and receive a refund equal to the value of unshipped wine.

Memberships are offered for

  • three-months

  • six-months

  • and 12-months, with a seasonal wine membership available as well.

Gift memberships for family and friends are available, with a gift message as an option. Gift messages may be sent immediately by email. When ordering a gift membership, you simply have to supply your message and provide a date for delivery of the email message (future date or immediate).

Amazing wine club

If you prefer to send a printed message with your wine club gift membership you may print this message in color or black and white from a home computer. Amazing Clubs staff members will also send a gift card by United States mail. This service takes up to five days for delivery to the gift recipient.

Wines are shipped so that they arrive during the last week of the month (business and residential addresses in the continental United States only). Corporate programs are offered as well. If you decide you want to enjoy more of a particular monthly selection, you can re-order at discount prices available only to members.

Club memberships are available in three levels:

  1. 3 Month Club - $38.95 ($116.85 total)

  2. 6 Month Club - $37.95 ($227.70 total)

  3. 12 Month Club – $36.95 ($443.40 total).

  4. There is a separate Wine-of-the-Season Club as well: $38.95 ($155.80 total).

Selections for the seasonal club are shipped every three months (four times per year). Major credit cards are accepted.

First-time visitors will find that they can select two different bottles of red wine, two different bottles of white wine or one bottle of red and one bottle of white. This pattern will be followed each month unless the member contacts club operators to change selections. New wine club members may also choose to start receiving selections in the current month or specify a future date for the shipping to begin.

Amazing wine club

Wine Among Many

This wine of the month club is one of nearly three dozen club options available from Amazing Clubs. Memberships are offered in a wide range of interests, including BBQ Sauce, Beer, Chocolate, Cigars, Flowers, Fruit, Neckties, Pasta and Teddy Bears. The approach at Amazing Clubs’ Web site is very business-like. There is a specific link for corporate programs, for example.

Amazing Clubs recognizes that there are many so-called wine-of-the-month clubs so they emphasize that among the hundreds of thousands of customers about one percent finds something not to their liking. But with more than 500,000 “satisfied customers” this organization feels it is offering “extraordinary value and competitive prices.”

Operating more than 30 different clubs and satisfying the tastes of fanatics in all of these areas takes a lot of effort and requires staff members to focus on customer service. Amazing Clubs also emphasizes that employees are dedicated to finding the best items for members, using such terms as “unparalleled quality” and “gourmet” selections.

A panel of experts searches for and tastes a wide range of wines. According to information from the club Web site, only wines of the “highest standards” are chosen by “taste-testing professionals.”

Wine club members will receive selections from almost every region of the planet, including:

  • South Africa
  • Chile
  • Italy
  • Australia
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • France
  • Argentina
  • Germany
  • and the United States (California).

Many of these are presented as “hard-to-find, hand-crafted wines” from leading producers around the world. As mentioned earlier, club members may choose to purchase additional bottles of any monthly selection, paying a discounted price available only to members.

Here’s what the Amazing Clubs “wine-of-the-month” Web site promises: “You have hundreds, maybe thousands of choices for gourmet gifts. Let us show you why Amazing Clubs should be your first and only choice for a truly gourmet experience. There may be other wine clubs, but there are no wine of the month clubs that bring you the same gourmet experience as the Amazing Clubs Wine of the Month Club!”

A significant number of wine club members choose to give this experience to family members and friends. Several testimonials indicated that the wine club membership remains fresh and exciting over time, whether the gift is given to a close friend, a member of the family or business associate.

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