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In your search for the best way to keep wine at a constant temperature, the 8 bottle wine cooler can be a great choice (if you don’t maintain a large stock of wine). Keep in mind that numerous wine lovers have purchased small coolers and within months find that they need (or really want) a much larger version.

However, if budget is a key consideration, there are several reliable suppliers of 8 bottle wine refrigerators, available in the $90 to $115 range. Take care when ordering, however, because there is some indication that the Emerson model in this capacity has been discontinued.

You may be able to find one from a supplier online, but discontinuation sometimes means maintenance and parts problems in the future.

This may not be a serious problem with the thermoelectric technology available today. Many of the most popular coolers and chillers use this technology as opposed to traditional compressor/fan systems, for example.

8 bottle wine cooler with horizontal storage.

Wine cooler for 8 bottles of wine with horizontal storage.

The 8 bottle thermoelectric chiller saves space for people who have little room for a larger cabinet or cellar. Yet it works with the same technology that provides silent operation. Reviews and reports from users indicate that this method can be ideal for the home that needs a smaller wine cooler. A basic cooler in the $100 price range will probably have two shelves, tinted glass door and LED temperature display. Temperatures are usually adjustable between the mid-40s to the mid-60s, Fahrenheit.

Smaller wine chillers and coolers such as the 8 bottle version don’t have to be a design or color that needs to be hidden from view either. Manufacturers offer

  • stainless steel surface,

  • wood grain

  • and even a few bright colors.

Countertop 8 bottle wine cooler from Magic Chef - red color.

"Magic Chef" countertop wine cooler in red.

In fact, one major appliance manufacturer features a red, 8 bottle wine cooler that can sit on a countertop. The price falls in the expected $90 to $120 range as well.

8 bottle wine cooler vertical storage.

Vertical storage for 8 bottles of wine along with a digital temperature display.

The thermoelectric method of cooling (which owes its existence to a scientist/engineer named Peltier) cools by transferring heat from one area to another without the compressor and fan that most people connect with chilling units. This technology is not the most efficient in the long term, but it is quiet and relatively maintenance free.

It would be wise not to jump at the first opportunity you get for a smaller wine cooler in this price range. This item is widely available from major retailers, wholesale suppliers and online bid sites. While you may feel better about purchasing from a walk-in store where there is the possibility of follow-up service, keep in mind that the thermoelectric wine cooler does not have a lot of moving parts, so repairs will be a minimum expense.

Shop carefully at the various online stores that offer the 8 bottle wine cooler and you will probably find a suitable item that has received great reviews. Be sure you understand the shipping costs and insurance details before making any appliance purchase online.

With patience and attention to detail anyone can enjoy the benefits of a small, efficient wine cooler!

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